The Real Difference Between Repair Estimates

Collision repair and how to properly repair a vehicle is constantly evolving. If you have had collision repair a few years ago compared to currently there would be updated protocols all in place to protect your safety.

As someone in need of car repair, this can be an incredibly stressful process, especially since cars have never been more complex than they are today. The advancements in car safety technologies have required technicians to have extensive training in order to accurately perform a repair. Because of this, repair estimates are more complex than they’ve ever been.

Getting a repair estimate for your car is also incredibly stressful and confusing, especially when you don’t know what the difference in repair costs mean for your car repair. Not to mention, your insurance company is pressuring you to go to one shop but it isn’t where you want to go. With all the different repair estimates different shops are giving you, it can turn into a real struggle of finding the best shop for you versus where your insurance company wants you to go. If a different shop comes in out of nowhere, giving you a significantly higher than the others, it seems like that shop only wants your money, right? Not necessarily, and we’re here to explain why. Keep reading to find out the real difference between a $600 and a $6,000 repair estimate.

What Is A Repair Estimate? 

So, what exactly is a repair estimate? In the auto repair industry, an estimate is just the starting point for what needs to be done to your car. This is different than a repair plan, which details exactly what needs to be done in the repair process. A technician will not be able to give an accurate assessment or estimate until your car is taken apart. You can compare this to a doctor needing to perform surgery on his patient. He wouldn’t be able to give you an accurate diagnosis unless he read your X-Rays, MRI, etc. Symptoms are only part of it, just like the exterior damage is only part of your car repair.

Difference In Repair Costs

Remember how we talked about the difference between a $600 and $6000 repair estimate? The cheaper estimate is probably done by a guy walking around your car, checking off different boxes, and coming up with a “guess” of what needs to be done. Because it’s a guess, that shop will call you back after they’ve taken apart the car and say, “well, we looked inside your car, and you’re going to need X replaced. You should also get X done as well.” 

Sound familiar? This is why there is something known as a supplement.

What Is A Supplement? 

If your car repair requires a supplement, the body shop will send the request to your insurance company. When this happens, your car repair will be put on hold until the supplement is approved. This can be rather time-consuming, as it can take a couple of days to a week, depending on whether or not an insurance adjuster needs to approve the repair in person.

The biggest difference between repair estimates comes down to one that was after a technician had a thorough look inside your car and someone just walking around the damaged vehicle. Prices will always change in the repair process, especially since things do appear and the complexity of car repair has increased the requirements of proper car repair. No matter what, you want is to make sure you take your car to a repair shop that knows what they are doing and provides you with a thorough, accurate estimate.

Where In Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ Can I Get My Car Repaired The Right Way? 

Here at Streamline Auto Body know you have many choices on where to take your car to be repaired in Little Egg Harbor Township. When you come to our shop, your safety is our number one priority and we aim to show you why we are the best at what we do.

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