Next time your insurance company tells you they warranty the work of “Their”  DRP  “shop” for as long as you own your car, tell them Streamline warranties their repairs for life with a transferable warranty, by far the best in the nation.

Streamline Auto Body, Inc. (“Streamline”) is committed to superior quality work and customer service. Accordingly, we are pleased to provide the following Lifetime Transferable Warranty on all repairs and restorations, including parts provided in connection with those repairs or restorations:


If we replace a part in connection with repairs to your vehicle and that part carries its own manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranty, that warranty, as to both its terms and its duration, will be the only warranty that applies to that part. Should such a part fail, it will be the manufacturer’s or the distributor’s obligation to honor that warranty, according to its terms, although we will attempt to assist you in presenting a claim on that warranty.
For parts that we supply that do not carry a separate manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranty, we warrant each such part to be free from defects for one year from the date we return your vehicle upon our completing repairs to it. During that period, at our discretion, we will either repair or replace that part with no labor charge to you for so doing.


Our body work is warranted to be free from defects for lifetime from the date that we return your vehicle upon our completing repairs to it. Should we determine that there is a defect in the bodywork, we repair such defect at no charge to you.


To the extent that we paint your vehicle or any portions of it, we warrant that paint work from any detectable defects or deterioration for lifetime from the date that we return your vehicle upon our completing repairs to it. This warranty, however, does not cover deterioration of the paint work due to damage, road wear, chemical exposure, unusual environmental causes, or lack of care on your part.

Alignment – Conditional

Streamline will warranty alignments for 30 days from the date that we return your vehicle upon our completing repairs to it. Due to the unpredictable conditions and hazards of our roads, Streamline cannot be held responsible, if, once the vehicle leaves our premises, additional suspension damage is sustained.

Conditions of Warranty

All warranty work must be performed at Streamline or at another facility that we designate in writing.
This warranty only applies to the owner of the vehicle at the time that we complete repairs to it; it is transferable If Streamline is notified by the new owner within 30 days of purchase.
This warranty does not cover damage to areas or parts which we repaired when caused by other parts which we did not repair, or impacts, or stone chips.

We make no warranties which extend beyond the description in this document. This warranty is given to you specifically as a substitute for any other kinds of express or implied warranties under New Jersey law, including any implied warranty of merchantability and any implied warranty of fitness, and we expressly disclaim any liability for consequential damages, such as any claim for reimbursement for loss of use or replacement or rental car charges.

If we determine that there is a defect in the work that is covered by this warranty, we will gladly provide you with a loaner car from our fleet while we perform warranty repairs, subject to loaner car availability.

We will provide towing to our shop from a distance of less than 50 miles away if the car is disabled due to a failure of a part or repair covered by this warranty. Please call us before incurring any towing charges since we frequently can either handle the tow ourselves or get a better rate.  Streamline will not in any event reimburse for towing costs exceeding $100.

Obtaining Service Under This Warranty

In order to obtain service under this warranty, please call for an appointment to have your car inspected, and at the time of the appointment, bring your original repair paperwork with you, including this document which will establish the date on which this warranty starts. Upon determining that your claim qualifies for this warranty, we will make every effort to schedule your vehicle for correction on a priority basis, although we cannot guarantee that we can take your car immediately for correction. We reserve the right to schedule corrective work at any time up to 60 days from our determination that your claim qualifies for warranty work.

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